Resources for Racial Justice Allyship and Action

Rabbi Tarfon and some elders were reclining in an upper chamber in the house of Nitza in Lod when this question came up: Which is greater, study or action? Rabbi Tarfon spoke up and said: Action is greater. Rabbi Akiva spoke up and said: Study is greater. The others then spoke up and said: Study is greater because it leads to action. [Babylonian Talmud, Kiddushin 40b - Soncino translation]

As we somberly remember so many other Black lives cut short while in contact with our criminal justice system, we commit ourselves to deepening the work of advancing racial justice. While structural and institutional racism can only ultimately be eradicated through advocacy and action, we must also ensure that those of us who are white take action in solidarity with people of Color in ways that are helpful, meaningful and sensitive to the utmost extent.

Below are resources detailing some best practices and useful information for white people seeking to be effective allies and activists in the struggle for racial justice: