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In the Torah we are instructed, “the stranger who sojourns with you shall be to you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself for you were strangers in the land of Egypt" (Lev. 19:33). The crisis of refugees from Syria and elsewhere in the region and Africa is the most pressing refugee crisis since World War II. Read the latest updates on the refugee crisis and learn more about how you can welcome refugees.


Welcome Refugees

As we approach World Refugee Day on June 20, we are joining with faith communities across the county to provide a vibrant welcome to refugees among us. 

Engage in the Refugee Crisis Response

The Religious Action Center and HIAS have created a guide to help reform congregations engage in the refugee crisis response. The guide includes educational programs, opprotunities to engage with your local refugee community and informations about getting involved in advocacy. 

Support refugee resettlement

In a time of unprecedented need, the US's role in refugee resettlement has reached a historic low. 

Over one million Rohingya are living in refugee camps in Bangladesh because of the ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the Burmese military in 2017. Urge Congress to hold the Burmese military accountable and ensuring basic human rights for the Rohingya people.

Partner with Congregations in Canada

Many URJ synagogues in Canada are in the process of preparing to welcome Syrian refugees to their community. To support the work of Canadian synagogues responding to the refugee crisis, please email or call RAC Legislative Assistant Danny Cooper at dcooper@rac.org or 202-387-2800.

Oppose Unjust Travel Ban

President Trump has issued an executive order halting admission of all individuals, whether immigrants, refugees, or visitors, from certain "terror-prone countries" until the administration can implement a program for "extreme vetting."

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Latest Updates on Refugees
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Contact our Legislative Policy Team

For more information about this issue, contact Legislative Assistant Danny Cooper at dcooper@rac.org or (202) 387-2800.