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Racial Justice: Reflect

Explore the systemic root causes of racial inequality in your community and the ways we are complicit in and impacted by racism.

Racial Justice: Reflect

Film and Book Resources

These books and films provide thought-provoking stories to get your family, congregation, and community talking about racial justice. 

This model for hosting a first discussion will set the stage for exploring our understandings of racism and providing new ways to raise this topic within our congregations to act effectively for change.

Embracing Diversity

The following resources can be used in congregations and other institutions to continue the work of embracing diversity in our communities.

Relate: Resources for Allyship and Action
Marchers on the NAACP's Journey for Justice

These resources provide healing and helpful information to build relationships across lines of difference and stand as effective allies and advocates in the struggle for racial justice.

Racial Justice: Reform

Take meaningful action with partners in pursuit of policy change that takes real steps to dismantle structural racism.

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For more information on this issue, contact Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Matt Fidel at (202) 387-2800