RAC-CA 2019 Legislative Victories

RAC-CA advances healthcare, immigrant justice, gun violence prevention, and access to drinking water

California’s legislative year is only half over, but RAC-CA and our allies have already won significant legislative victories! More than 900 Reform clergy and lay leaders participated in a gun violence prevention call-in week to Governor Newsom and in response to our and allies’ efforts, Governor Newsom and the state legislature agreed to $30,000 million dollars for CalVIP proven local gun violence prevention programs – more than triple last year’s funding.  This increased funding will save lives in the neighborhoods with the highest instances of gun violence. 

RAC-CA and our allies won two significant healthcare victories.  California will now provide access to Medi-Cal for low-income immigrants up to age 26 – a first step in our efforts to provide health coverage for all Californians. In addition, California will provide new affordability assistance to Covered California health insurance for low-income Californians under 138% of the median income and middle-income Californian’s between 400% and 600% of median income. Californians will now have a state “individual mandate” to purchase health insurance, and fines from those who violate the mandate will help cover the cost of the new affordability assistance. 

Finally, California will provide $130 million annually over the next ten years for the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water fund to ensure that all communities in our state have access to clean drinking water.