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Program Bank: Planting Projects

Beautifying Broadway Initiative 

Beautify Broadway was a community service Tu Bish'vat event organized by Hillel in New Orleans for fraternities and sororities. The program consisted of an on campus student beautification day where students were able to plant trees, flowers, shrubs, and decorate pots for charity. Students gave back to their university and community, while learning about the Jewish holiday and celebrating trees and our environment. 

Tree Planting and Tree Planting Ceremonies

Tree planting ceremonies on Tu B’Shevat are appropriate for all ages and provide a hands-on teaching opportunity about the importance and majesty of trees. It can be held on congregational grounds or at any other appropriate location. You may want to ask your city or town parks department which areas in your community would most greatly benefit from the planting of trees. Bear in mind that the on-going care that trees require to remain healthy is of equal importance to their actual planting; continuing care of the trees should be part of the program plan. Trees may be purchased from local nurseries, the National Arbor Day Foundation 

The Olive Tree Project (rhr.org.il/eng/)

Rabbis for Human Rights has launched The Olive Tree Project to support Palestinians whose trees have been cut down. Money donated to this fund will go towards planting trees in the West Bank, buying olive oil produced by Palestinians and donating it to those in need, and doing educational work to protect olive trees.