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Program Bank: Crime & the Judicial System

Dormant Judaica

Share your personal and your synagogue's dormant Judaica items with those who are in need: America’s Jewish prisoners. Helping prisoners feel connected to their Jewish faith is a large part of Jewish Prisoner Services International's t'shuvah outreach efforts. There is no better time than the Yamim Noraim to run this program and check your storerooms, attics, and closets for dormant Judaica. Items to consider may include: Jewish books, Torah study materials, Torah commentaries, Hebrew-English dictionaries, pocket-sized siddurim, tefillin, tallitot, kippot, Hebrew-learning workbooks and books on Jewish customs and traditions.

Legal Aid

Organize attorneys in your congregation to provide pro-bono or flexible-fee legal aid in your community for clients who cannot afford adequate representation. 

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile crime rates continue to decline, and the vast majority of young people caught up in the criminal justice system are not violent and do not re-offend. Most delinquent youth struggle with social, education, emotional or economic hardships that are often beyond their control. Get involved and volunteer at a local juvenile center, become a mentor or encourage your congregation to start a partnership with a local juvenile recreation center. For more information contact the National Police Athletic League or Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Write and send Rosh HaShanah and holiday cards to Jewish prisoners. 

Study the text

Read some of the key prayers and readings in the machzor related to themes of justice, repentance and forgiveness, such as Un'taneh Tokef and Al Cheit. Reflect upon and discuss these key concepts as they are applied to the criminal justice system.