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Program Bank: Clean Air

Pollution Solutions and Fuel Efficient Automobiles

Automobiles emit a tremendous amount of pollution into our atmosphere, which is harmful and destroys our environment. Population growth has helped put more cars on the road, and a strong economy has led to more cars per driver. We can help the environment and ourselves by choosing to drive fuel-efficient cars and “greener” automobiles. For further information please visit: Fight Global Warming, as well as Fuel Economy.

Hybrid Automobile Incentives

The affects of motor vehicles on the road are disastrous to human heath. Outdoor air pollution from cars, SUVs, trucks, and buses causes acute respiratory problems, temporary decreases in lung capacity, and inflammation of lung tissue; impairs the body’s immune system; increases a person’s risk of cancer-related death; contributes to birth defects, low birth weight, and infant deaths; and makes healthy active children 3 to 4 times more likely to develop asthma. One way to minimize some of these problems are to invest and encourage others to purchase hybrid cars, which are better for the environment because they are low-polluting and low-petroleum consuming cars. To support and encourage congregants that purchase hybrid cars, congregations/youth groups can offer discount hybrid car-washes or special hybrid car parking spaces.