A Prayer for Peace

The following prayer is an excerpt from the July 8, 2016 sermon by Rabbi David S. Widzer of Temple Beth El of Northern Valley, Closter, NJ.


On this Shabbat, we hold fast to the belief that every human being is created in God’s Image.  We hold in our tears the pain and anger and frustration and sense of loss that occur when any of God’s creatures is killed.  We hold in our hearts the knowledge that, imperfect as we may be, stained and sullied and defiled by horrors, there is always the possibility through hard work of sanctity, of purification, of redemption, of wholeness, of peace.

Based on the teaching of the Hassidic master, Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav, the Israeli Reform movement’s prayerbook contains a prayer for peace.

Source of peace, Sovereign of peace,
Establish peace among Your people, Israel.
And let there be an ever-increasing peace among all peoples.
May there be no more hatred, rancor, strife or conquest
Between one human being and another.
Let there be only love and a great peace among us,
So that each one of us may know the love of the other.
Until we are able to come and gather together - every person with another.
So that we may speak - one to the other.
So that we may explain - one to the other - Your truth.
God - You are peace, and from You comes peace.
Source of peace, bless us with peace.