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Position of the Reform Movement on Conflict Minerals

The Reform Movement has had a long tradition of speaking out on human rights around the world. Most recently, in 1999, the URJ adopted new policy on Africa furthering the Reform Movement's commitment to meet the pressing needs of African civil society. The resolution expresses our support for humanitarian assistance in times of crisis, commitment to international human rights, increased economic development, and poverty eradication.

In 1979, the URJ passed an anti-apartheid resolution which commended the leaders of the non-violent struggle against apartheid in South Africa, urged the United States to refrain from political and military support for the government of South Africa, and pressured businesses in South Africa to practice policies of fair pay and desegregated facilities. In recent years, both the URJ and the CCAR have spoken against the atrocities in Rwanda and Zaire, mobilizing the Reform Jewish movement to pressure the United States to support humanitarian missions and relief work.