Passover Refugee Crisis Resources

As we step into this historical experience, we cannot help but draw to mind the 65 million displaced people and refugees around the world today fleeing violence and persecution, searching for protection. Like our ancestors, today’s refugees experience displacement, uncertainty, lack of resources, and the complete disruption of their lives. 

Prayer and Poem to be included during Yahatz (יחץ) –breaking of the middle matzah, before or after the poem Halachma Anya (עניה לחמא הא) – this is the bread of affliction.

A Ritual to Reflect on the Refugee Crisis during the Passover Seder

The traditional Ha Lachma Anya is found at the beginning of the Maggid, or “storytelling,” section of the Haggadah. This ritual connects both our Exodus story and the Jewish immigrant narrative to the reality of aspiring Americans today.