Passover Environment Justice Resources

We invite you to use this Haggadah companion to remind ourselves how Jewish tradition teaches us to care for all living things of the earth and all of our neighbors.

You are free to use this adapted service either as a companion to your favorite Haggadah or as an independent Haggadah. We chose to focus on the frame of climate change and the celebration of our earth, as it relates to the agricultural celebration of Pesach. We recognize that there are missing pieces like Miriam’s Cup, and other modern adaptations of the Passover seder. We welcome you to add in or substitute any of the pieces included here, and hope that you may make the seder your own. 

The Shalom Center has created the text and the organizing mechanisms for you to shape a new Freedom Seder for the Earth in your own community, challenging the plagues and pharaohs of our day and undertaking healing actions by us all. 

Use this resource to learn about the 10 plagues currently affecting our climate

This is a reading you can use during your seder at the time parsley or another green is dipped into salt water.