Passover and Social Justice Resources

On Passover, we remember the ten plagues that were put upon the Egyptian people. Thousands of years later, modern-day plagues of inequality should ignite contemporary responses to combat these injustices. 

Learn about items to add to your seder plate that will help spark discussion on social justice issues. 

These four cups are derived from four expressions of redemption found in Exodus 6:6-7: "I will bring you out;" "I will deliver you;" "I will redeem you;" and "I will take you." Due to the positive, redemptive focus on each phrase, each cup could come to represent current groups that need to be "brought out, delivered, redeemed, or taken out." A short teaching can take place before each cup is blessed. 

​This song, found in the Seder, thanks God for the myriad miracles that took place at the time of the Exodus. "Dayenu" can also allow us to express our gratitude for all that has taken placec in recent times. When we celebrate the successes of the past, we remember the ongoing need to help those who are oppressed in other communities.