Passover and Modern Slavery Resources

 Together, let us recall the story of Passover, relived time and again by Jews throughout the world. As we move through the Seder, reaffirming our belief in a faith so rich in history and life, may we take into our hearts the memory of all who have and continue to enrich our lives and remember those who still suffer the pain of war, oppression, tyranny, and prejudice.

Human trafficking, also known as trafficking in persons, is the illegal trade of people for exploitation or commercial gain. Over twenty million people, including five million children, are victims of human trafficking each year. This Passover, consider supplementing your seder with the following readings to remember that slavery didn’t end in Egypt as many people around the world are victims of modern day slavery and human trafficking.

As we recall the ten plagues that befell the Egyptians, we remove a drop of wine from our cups for each plague. We do this to demonstrate that we cannot drink a "full cup" of joy when other people suffered in the course of our own liberation.