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Passover: A Season for Justice

Passover, or Pesach, is a celebration of freedom and family. The seder meal and the Haggadah offer many opportunities to add social-justice themed readings, symbols of social action issues and movements, and to discuss and debate themes of the story of Exodus. 

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Voting rights signs at Capitol

Include readings in your Seder to hear the voices of some of those engaged in the urgent struggle for racial justice, and to facilitate conversation about why racial justice should be an issue of tremendous importance to Reform Jews.

Supplement your seder with prayers that connect the refugee crisis & Passover or add a banana to your seder plate to remind us of the children caught up in a modern-day exodus.


As we enter Spring and the world blooms around us, let us consider environmental justice during our Seder.

This Passover, take time to remember that slavery didn’t end in Egypt as many people around the world are victims of modern day slavery and human trafficking.

These haggadot focus on LGBT rights, mixing traditional and progressive elements to create a uniquely Queer experience for all.

While enjoying our Seder we must take time to turn our attention to those who do not have enough to eat.

We suggest using the new Seder for the Children of Abraham, Hagar, and Sarah as an organizing tool for Israeli-Palestinian peace-making.

As we were once slaves in the land of Egypt we remember the valuable role of the labor movement in the pursuit of economic and social justice.

We raise our voices together to recognize these 10 modern plagues that are experienced as part of conflict mining. 

Together let us recite the Four Questions that raise awareness about Malaria and Malaria prevention and to remind ourselves that our joy cannot be complete until we eradicate this deadly disease.

As the Seder reminds us, freedom is an ongoing journey. True freedom can only be enjoyed when all our sisters, brothers and others are freed of the many burdens that delay or deny their dignity.

Passover Haggadah

We encourage you to use these resources to start a discussion about social justice issues at your Seder.