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NAIJC Deportation Defense Strategy

The DEPORTATION DEFENSE STRATEGY entails working with local partners to protect a particular individual who is imminently facing deportation. The immediate goal is to prevent the person from being deported and the larger goal is to humanize undocumented immigrants to shift the narrative about immigration. Congregations can become involved in Deportation Defense in several ways. While advocacy is one component of defending immigrants from deportation, a congregation or Jewish community can create a rapid response team, influence public opinion and show up in multiple ways for the immigrant community that supports broader deportation defense efforts.


Prepare your community to do deportation defense work on all levels by watching trainings and learning about the different strategies that can be used.


Fostering partnerships and coalition building are so important to deportation defense. Creating a network of communities who are committed to deportation defense work is a good way to ensure that the most vulnerable are given the assistance they need.