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Muslim-Jewish Relations

This portal provides a look at many of the ways the RAC and the Reform Movement have worked to engage Muslim-Jewish dialogue and positive relations in the United States, as well as resources and tools to help your congregation engage in your own relationship-building across intercultural and interfaith lines. 

Muslim-Jewish Relations

Children of Abraham: A Guide to Muslim-Jewish Dialogue

The Children of Abraham Guide can be used to facilitate joint dialogue and study between Reform Jewish congregations and Muslim communities, and includes text studies of the Torah and Qu'ran, lessons on shared values, ways to combat anti-Semitism and Islamophbia, and more. 

Work with our partners at the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding to partner your congregation with a local mosque in a weekend of shared programming, worship, activities, and community service. 

Programs for Muslim-Jewish Dialogue

These program bank descriptions provide detailed examples of how Reform congregations and groups enacted Muslim-Jewish relations programs with diverse goals and settings. 

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