Matzah Fund

Donations are collected prior to provide Kosher for Passover meals to Jewish families in need.


  • Assist those in need in your local or international community by providing kosher meals during the holiday of Passover.

The tradition of contributing kimcha dePischa, or funds for matzah, is an important one. In many communities, special Passover funds are set up to provide kosher holiday meals to Jewish families in need.

Prior to Passover, congregation would set up a “Matzah Fund” to collect donations to support the purchase and distribution of kosher holiday meals. Committee members would identify to which organization the funds would be directed: 

  • Local community: Jewish senior citizens, families in need, food pantries. 
  • Armed services: American/Canadian Jewish armed service members, Israeli soldiers 
  • Nonprofit organization in Israel that addresses issues of hunger.

Project Implementation:
Congregants would be encouraged to donate on the weeks leading up to Passover with religious school class competitions to raise funds and draw attention to the campaign.

This program helps maintain individuals’ dignity as it allows them to celebrate the holiday of Passover.