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Make the Most of the L'Taken Experience

Interested helping your students get the most out of their time at L'Taken? Use these resources before, during, and after your trip to D.C. to enrich the experience of your students.

Before You Go: Programs to introduce your students to the RAC, advocacy, and social justice before you arrive in DC:

  • Introduction to the Legislative Process - A fun and participatory introduction to how legislation comes to pass in the United States. Learn about the legislative process and make it your own through this experiential program!
  • Advocacy Text Study Program - A deep dive into Jewish advocates: What qualities should advocates have and what models are there in Judaism for us? Learn about the creation of the RAC and why advocacy is important as citizens and Reform Jews.
  • Introduction to the RAC Program - Explore Jewish social justice through various interactive activities. Learn about what the RAC does and the basis in Judaism for social justice work through this program.
  • Researching Members of Congress - An interactive worksheet that helps students identify their members of congress, the issues they care about, and helps them start to think about advocacy on Capitol Hill.
  • Tips for Travelling Justly - Social justice is not just a value that we live out in DC, but something we can do each and every day. Learn about how your congregation can make the entire experience just through these tips on travelling justly.
  • Social Justice as a Jewish Value - Explore why social justice is at the core of Jewish through this experiential program. Through various activities, learn about the difference between charity and social justice and identify how you personally connect to social justice. (COMING SOON!)

Enhancing the DC Experience: Make those most out of your time in D.C. with these additional resources!

  • Quiz: How Well do you know D.C.? - A fun quiz to help you learn about this wonderful city we call our nation’s capital! See how well you did with the answer key here.
  • Holocaust Museum Conversation - Some framing and debrief questions for student’s visits to the US Holocaust Museum and Memorial. These question explore the students’ experiences in the museum, and pushes them to think more broadly about the lessons we can learn from the Holocaust.
  • Blessings and Readings - Enrich your experience in D.C. with these meaningful readings and blessings for the unique experiences you will have on L’Taken.

Taking L'Taken Home: Use these resources to keep the conversation and advocacy going even after your time in D.C. has ended

  • Post L'Taken Program - Through this interactive program students will reflect on their experiences, what they learned, and make a plan for a way to continue being advocates after returning home from their L'Taken weekend.
  • Debriefing Guidlines - Help your teens unpack their experience on L'Taken with a wide variety of sample questions, conversations, activities, and programs!
  • Bringing L'Taken Home - Here are some tips and tools you can use to help your teens share their experiences, knowledge, and passion with family, friends, your congregation, and the broader community! 
  • Contact Your Members of Congress - Whether in D.C. or in a district office, as a constituent you have the right to set up meetings with your representative. Here's how. 

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