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Machon Kaplan In the News

Machon Kaplan in the News

"Read the MK Blog for updates and reflections on the MK's internships during summer 2017."

  • "My internship at JFNA has been an incredible experience that has allowed me to contribute to federally funded person-centered, trauma-informed care programs through the Center for Advancing Holocaust Survivor Care." (Read more in Bedford Minuteman)
  • "I look forward to using this experience to inspire my final year of undergraduate studies with a newfound sense of direction and purpose." (Read more in Detroit Jewish News)
  • "I am going to practice advocacy skills further when I return to campus and plan to teach people what I learned during my internship and the Machon Kaplan program." (Read more in Oregon Jewish Life)
  • "The most important thing I learned this summer was definitely speaking up," said Alexa Maltby. "Even though I am only 20 years old, my voice matters a lot. More than I ever thought it did." (Read more in MyCentralJersey)
  • "I want to become a member of the (U.S.) House of Representatives at the youngest age possible," said Amy Orlov to the Chicago Tribune following her Machon Kaplan summer. (Read more in the Chicago Tribune)
  • "As a more informed Jewish social action advocate, I now know that I have the responsibility to educate others," writes Amy Singer in the Baltimore Jewish Times. "I plan to take the opinions I have formed and perspectives I have gained as a member of the  Machon Kaplan community and share them with people at all points of the political spectrum."
  • "When I say that I am praying, I mean that I am ready to take action… To me—and in my experience, to many other Jews—praying with my feet and working for tikkun olam, or repairing the world, is the only way to effectively pray," writes Madeline Budman. (Read more in The Jewish News).
  • "My experience with the Peace Alliance has honestly been extremely rewarding," said Taylor Onderko of West Bloomfield, MI. "The work I have been doing is definitely motivating, and I have already learned a tremendous amount from the people I have met thus far." (Read more in the West Bloomfield Patch)
  • Summer White, of Adamstown, had a summer internship that she described as “never having to get coffee.” (Read more in the Frederick News Post)
  • “Since being here, I’ve gotten so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise — including the chance to make lobby visits, learn from brilliant teachers, and have a community of like-minded Jews to spend time with here in D.C.” (Read more of the Texas Jewish Post)
  • “I get to work alongside some excellent, intelligent people, not only at my job, but with the other interns,” she says. “Machon Kaplan has introduced me to such a range of people, and that has really shaped my experience in Washington.” (Read more of the Preston Hollow Advocate - TX
  • “I’ve always liked the intersection of ethics, religion and philosophy ... As a career path, I eventually want to do something to make the world a better place, so I saw this as a cool opportunity to mash that all together.” (Read more of the The Villager - CO)
  • “I have been able to take what I have learned and relate it to social justice.”  (Read more of the Scottsdale Independent)
  • “Machon Kaplan is a great experience, where you learn different aspects of social justice and Judaism, as well as learn about yourself…You are able to push your own boundaries and step outside your comfort zone.” (Read more of the Poughkeepsie Journal)
  • “... Machon Kaplan builds a community and helps us connect with our Jewish roots.” (Read more of the Los Altos Town Crier)
  •  "This summer, I wanted to do more than sit around Phoenix in the grueling heat." (Read more of the Arizona Jewish News)
  • "I attended briefings and hearings on the Hill on any issues that I wanted to go to, in addition to all the things I was assigned to do." (Read more of the New Jersey Jewish News article)
  • "Machon Kaplan allows an integrated experience between class and internships, along with social justice and our Jewish values," Fisher said. (Read more of the Courier-Post article)
  • These are people who are really at the forefront of social justice politics. Everybody said what they actually felt, so I got as many influences as possible to form my own opinions," (Read more of The Island Now article)
  • "Machon Kaplan has given me all of the opportunities to explore stances on topics and gives me the resources for me to succeed with this setting," (Read more of The Groton Line article)
  • “I am starting to understand how DC works as the central circuit board of the United States. There is so much going on all the time with legislation and events and politics. I really feel that when I get back to school and back home to Montclair I will advocate for the things I feel strongly about,” (Read more of the New Jersey Jewish News article)
  • "I realized how the efforts of an individual and a group can go a long way." (Read more of The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle article)
  • "I came away from this experience knowing what it is like to work in the non-profit sector and within a community of my own... I am really glad I had the opportunity to do such important work" (Read more of the Jewish Journal Massachusetts article)
  • “Machon Kaplan was the perfect opportunity to incorporate my strong conncetion to Judaism.” (Read more of the Minnetonka Sun Sailor)
  • Santa Cruz Native Interns at D.C. Advocacy Program. (Read more of the Santa Cruz Sentinel)
  • These Jewish Interns Campaign for Washington, Not Against It." (Read more of the Jewish Daily Forward article)
  • "'Working here has helped me to get a better grasp on how obvious it is that Jewish values relate to everyday life,' said Wes Peskin." (Read more of the Washington Post article)
    "'There is a support group here,' said Jonathan Feller. 'Instead of just (individually) having internships in D.C., we get together and we talk about it.'" (Jewish News of Greater Phoenix article)
  • "Michael Evers is the kind of college student for whom spending a summer mowing lawns or working at a summer camp just isn’t enough. For Evers, a rising sophomore at DePaul University, meaningful Jewish experiences coupled with a deep commitment to social action translates into a summer in the nation’s capital." (David's Voice article)
  • "Machon Kaplan participants live and breathe social justice, combining their interest in Judaism with their passion for improving the world." (Read more of the Texas Jewish Post article)
  • "'I understood how influential the progressive faith-based community can be,' said Cara Fisher. (Read more of the Reform Judaism Magazine article)