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L'Taken Registration Forms

***L'Taken 2019 Forms will be released in August***

We collect four important forms from each congregation. Forms are due 8 weeks prior to your L'Taken Weekend. 

  1. Participant List
  2. Room List
  3. Group Travel Form
  4. Health & Safety Forms 

Please see below for more information about each form:

1. Participant List

  • This forms asks for specific information about the chaperones and students attending L'Taken. The following is the type of information you can expect from this form: student/chaperone name, address, email, phone number, dietary restrictions, accommodation/accessibility needs, student congressional districts, student Israel program choice, parent information etc. 
  • More Details
    • Israel Programs- We offer four different Israel Program options. You could survey your students and sign them up for the program of their choosing, or you could sign up your entire group for the program that best meets your congregation’s learning goals. Israel Program Choices can be found here.
    • Please fill out this form completely for each chaperone and participant attending L’Taken with your group. Pay special attention to spelling of names and Congregation, as all lists and nametags will be produced from this form! Also pay attention to the Congressional District. Enter the correct Congressional district (State-District Number) for each student. If participants do not know their district, click the link on the form or go to house.gov to look up Congressional districts by address.

2. Room List

  • On this form you will write the rooming breakdown for your participants (students and chaperones). If you are traveling to DC by personal bus and require a room for your bus driver, please let us know on this form. 
  • You can also request roommates for your students and chaperones on this form. 
  • More Details
    • If you are requesting roommates for chaperones or students we will do our best to accommodate those requests, however, we cannot guarantee all requests will be matched.  Roommates will be assigned in the order that forms are received so be sure to turn everything in on time. 
    • You can also arrange roommates directly with other congregations (without our help) to guarantee rooming and lower costs. Please indicate the congregation you are partnering with on this form
    • IMPORTANT: Please write any special needs for the room including early or late arrival dates etc. in this form.
    • This form will also help you calculate estimated cost for your weekend, not including transportation costs.  To learn more about program pricing visit the L’Taken cost page

3. Group Travel Form

  • This form will ask for your arrival and departure information and if you will be using RAC local transportation for the weekend.
  • More Details:
    • Please schedule your group’s travel in accordance with the guidelines listed on the L’Taken transportation pageIf you schedule your return train or flight earlier than the suggested times, you may incur additional fees or have to schedule transportation on your own and may forfeit lobby visits on Capitol Hill.
    • As a reminder, our program begins at 6:00 PM on Friday night and concludes at 2:00 PM on Monday. For more information about the L’Taken schedule, please look at our sample schedule. 

4. Health and Safety Form

  • Please distribute health and safety forms to each student from your congregation. 
  • More Details
    • If your congregation has NFTY health forms on file for your students, feel free to make copies of these and turn them in. Completed forms can be emailed as a single attachment to the L'taken team by emailing @LTaken.org or mailed in a single batch to the RAC. 
    • Chaperones must bring the original copies of the Health and Safety forms to the seminar. Your chaperones are ultimately responsible for the health and well-being of your participants, and should keep these forms on their person until all participants have returned home following L’Taken.

We are looking forward to having your group in D.C., this winter! Please contact the L'Taken team by emailing LTaken@rac.org with any questions about your forms.