L'Taken Logistics - Packing

Download a suggested packing list here

Weather in Washington, DC in the winter is cold.  Please pack weather appropriate clothing, including a warm jacket,  hats and gloves.

Friday Night
Dress on Friday night varies, but participants are encouraged to wear business casual attire for Kabbalat Shabbat and services.

Saturday and Sunday
On Saturday and Sunday, participants wear casual clothes. Large parts of the days are spent outside, so be sure to pack winter jackets and be prepared to wear layers!

For the Monday congressional appointments, everyone must wear professional business attire. Again, significant portions of the day are spent walking around Capitol Hill outside, and we encourage everyone to dress warmly and wear comfortable shoes.

Participants spend Sunday night writing speeches that they deliver in their congressional offices. Students are welcome, but not required, to bring laptop computers that they can use during the writing and editing process. The RAC will provide printers for final versions of the speeches. We cannot be responsible for damage to, or loss of, any electronic equipment participants bring to the L'Taken Seminar.

Download a suggested packing list here