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L'Taken - Group Cancellation Policy

Read on for a summary of the RAC's cancellation and refund policies regarding groups attending L'Taken weekends.

Cancellations Made -

Between registration and the 8 Week/Forms Deadline – The cancellation fee during this time period is the $40 deposit associated with each cancelled spot. The deposit on cancelled spots will not be applied to a congregation’s total bill.

Between the 8 Week/Forms Deadline and 11:00AM ET on the Tuesday before the program – Cancellations made during this time will be charged the initial $40 deposit per spot cancelled and an additional $45 fee (total of $85).

Between 11:00AM ET on the Tuesday and the program start – No refunds will be made during this time period.

Please Note: Cancellations will change your room division and potentially your per person cost.  We will work with you to readjust rooming, but individual costs may go up.

Contact Assistant Program Director Shira Zemel at (202) 387-2800 with any questions or concerns.