This page contains information that will help you plan your trip to L'Taken and your time in DC.


  • Travel - Please book within our travel parameters as you arrange your transportation to and from DC. These guidelines were created to ensure that your group will be present for all programming throughout the weekend.
    • You are responsible for getting your delegation to the hotel on Friday. 
      • If you are at the Hilton: We will provide a shuttle to and from Reagan National Airport (DCA). If you arrive at any other location, you will need to arrange your own transport to the hotel.
      • If you are at the Hyatt: The hotel provides a shuttle that runs to and from Reagan National Airport (DCA). If you arrive at any other location, you will need to arrange your own transport to the hotel.
    • We will return you to your departure location on Monday afternoon. Please book within our travel parameters or you may forfeit some or all of your lobby visits.
    • Please be sure to submit your travel form by your 10 week form deadline. This tells us how your delegation will be arriving to and from DC and helps us to arrange on-time arrival your transportation home.
  • Housing - We will take care of booking the hotels on your behalf.
    • Please be sure to submit your housing form by your 10 week form deadline. This tells us how you would like to house the members of your delegation so we can appropriately book the rooms.
  • Meals - Most meals will be in the hotel and are included in the per person cost. 
    • There will be three meals outside of the hotel: Saturday dinner in Georgetown, Sunday dinner in Pentagon Row, and Monday lunch on Capitol Hill. Details below will help you plan your time there, but we recommend each person bring roughly $65-80 in spending money.
    • For special dietary needs please email us at
  • Offsite Trips - We will head out of the hotel 3 times throughout the weekend. There will be two times on the National Mall, dinner in Georgetown, dinner at Pentagon Row, and the lobby day on Capitol Hill.
    • We have compiled some resources to help you plan those times, if you choose to.
    • Use the suggested times for meals and museum visits, and be sure to book tickets if the places you want to go require them.
  • Sample Schedule - This is a general schedule of all L'Taken weekends. A schedule specific to your weekend will be shared via email in the days before your arrival.


  • Cost is largely dependent on room occupancy. You can find the costs online.
    • Other costs include:
      • Per person cost to use our transportation around DC (also in our costs online)
      • Transportation to and from DC (flights, train tickets, bus rental, etc.)
      • Spending money for meals offsite.
    • Invoices will be sent directly to the delegation based on the room occupancy indicated by your room form, and whether or not you need our transportation.
      • You are responsible for collecting money from families. We will not bill them directly.
      • We will send your invoice about 6 weeks before you arrive with explicit instructions on how to remit payment and when it will be due.
  • Forms can be accessed through the primary account holder for your delegation. Only the primary account holder can access and submit these forms.
    • You should have received communication describing how to access the account.
    • You are welcome to share the login information for this account, using a password you are comfortable sharing with others.
    • Your forms are due on your 10 week form deadline.
  • Keep deadlines and our cancellation policy in your calendar to make sure you submit things on time and to avoid additional fees.
    • Registration for all members of your delegation is due on your 10 week form deadline.
      • Student registration 
        • Each family must complete their own student's registration. It is not appropriate for L'Taken contacts/chaperones to fill out the registrations on behalf of their delegation as the registration includes detailed health and safety questions.
      • Chaperone registration
  • Below are the deadlines for the 2024-25 L’Taken season:

L'Taken Date

Full Refund Deadline (after which 50% of the deposit is withheld)

10 Week Forms Deadline (after which 100% of the deposit is withheld)

Cancellation Deadline (after which no refunds available)

December 13-16, 2024


Thursday, August 15, 2024

Wednesday, October 2, 2024

Wednesday, November 27, 2024

January 10-13, 2025

Thursday, August 15, 2024

Friday, November 1, 2024

Thursday, December 26, 2024

January 31-February 3, 2025

Thursday, August 15, 2024

Friday, November 22, 2024

Thursday, January 16, 2025

February 21-24, 2025

Thursday, August 15, 2024

Friday, December 13, 2024

Thursday, February 6, 2025

  • Registration reports can be found on your congregation/group's CampMinder account under "Forms & Documents"
    • This is where you can see which of your teens and chaperones have registered. There will be one report with currently registered participants, and another with currently registered chaperones
    • Reports will be sorted by congregation state and city (scroll to find your state or CTRL+F to search within the document)
    • Reports will be updated weekly with new registrants
    • Reports will include student first name, last name, congressional district, and date registered


  • Please utilize the recruitment materials we have compiled for your use and convenience.
    • Materials include a PowerPoint presentation template, social media graphics, printable brochures and postcards to provide to families, and more.
  • Sample emails to send to families are in your CampMinder account.
    • These provide direct instructions to give to families to make the registration process as easy as possible.
  • The key to recruitment is starting early! The sooner the better. If you need more spaces or need to reduce your delegation, please email us at


  • Our returning students program is back in full swing! If you have a student that attended last year, there are always new things for them to learn, including specialized programming to augment their experience.
  • Use these programs to enhance the L'Taken experience! These programs help your group prepare for the seminars, can be used during the weekend, and expand upon their experience as you debrief and return home.

Please reach out to us at for any questions or other information you need.