L'Taken Participant and Chaperone Registration will take place in the CampMinder system. Families and Chaperones will now submit their L’Taken registration information directly through the CampMinder portal. This information includes a health and safety form. We have sample emails available to introduce CampMinder to your families and chaperones.

Chaperone Registration can be found at rac.org/ltakenchaperoneregistration
Student Registration can be found at rac.org/ltakenstudent registration

The Room Assignment Form and Travel Forms will be submitted through each congregation/group's CampMinder account. Please refer to the instructions sent to your congregation/group or you can view the instructions here.

View our cost page and transportation page to help you plan your L'Taken Seminar and prepare to fill out the Travel and Room Assignment Forms. 

Need to keep track of your forms and registration deadlines? Print out a L'Taken Registration Checklist!

If you need to contact the L'Taken team, email LTaken@rac.org with any questions.