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Hurricane Relief Committee

Hurricane relief committee created post-Katrina to aid those affected and prepare in case of future disasters.

Community Contact Information:
Congregation B'nai Israel
Baton Rouge, LA


  • Provide aid and comfort to those directly impacted by Hurricane Katrina. 
  • Engage congregants and synagogue in disaster preparedness.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, many local families were left stranded in FEMA trailers. The hurricane relief committee, a sub-group of the social action committee, provided assistance to the residents of the trailer communities. In addition, they created a protocol to inform congregants about how to prepare for possible future disasters.

Preparation and Project Implementation:
The committee prepared disaster planning materials that were sent out to the congregation. The materials included a list of phone numbers and contacts for the Baton Rogue Jewish community, requests for information about special needs and willingness to volunteer in cause of emergency. A stockpile of materials was arranged in the event of an emergency including non-perishable food items, bedding, and first aid supplies.

Congregants built bulletin boards for announcements, provided tables and chairs for community meetings, donated propane for cooking and heating. The committee also co-sponsored a photography instruction program for children in the FEMA trailer villages called "Kids with Cameras."

The children’s photographs were exhibited at the LSU Union Art Gallery, as well as in shows in New York City.