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Holiday Guides: Purim for purim homepage


Purim is the Jewish holiday celebrated in Adar to celebrate the triumph of the Jews over their oppressors, as told in the book of Esther. The holiday is named after the word "pur," meaning "lot" or "lottery," which refers to the lot that the Jews' enemy Haman threw to determine the day of their destruction.

Holiday Guides: Purim


We are grateful to Rabbi Sue Ann Wasserman and Rabbi Kim Geringer of the Union for Reform Judaism’s Department of Worship, Music, and Religious Living for all of their help and support. As always, we value the work of Alexis Rice and Sean Thibault, the RAC’s Communications Team.

  • Benj Fried, 2013 Rabbinic Intern
    Hebrew Union College
  • Sarah Wolf, 2005 Rabbinic Intern
    Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism
  • Rabbi Marla J. Feldman, Director Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism