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Hanukkah Guide

Today, we celebrate Hanukkah by rededicating ourselves to Judaism and to the values at the center of our faith.

Holiday Guides: Hanukkah

Child preparing a gift tree a family activity for parents and children during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah

We call Hanukkah the “Festival of Lights” because light - and the energy that goes into making it - is at the very core of our celebration and the history behind Hanukkah.​

Children light the menorah at a congregational Hanukkah party

What could be a better symbol for our hopes for a sustainable future than the ner tamid (eternal light)? Thus, as we kindle the Hanukkah lights, we think about how we can nurture our children and pass along a better world to them.

A hanukkah or chanukkah menorah for the jewish festival of lights

Hanukkah has traditionally been a time of giving gifts or gelt to children, and this tradition has magnified over the years. This year, we can use Hanukkah as a time to reexamine our own privileges and give back to our communities, through donations, volunteering, and advocacy. 

This Hanukkah, give the gift of tzedek. Check out our social justice gift guide, which includes eight suggestions to help those in need – one for each night!