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Help Me, O God, in my Time of Need

Help Me, O God, in my Time of Need

It has become more difficult

To face each day.

Tears well up in my eyes

My heart aches

I feel empty…alone…lost in darkness

I stand at the precipice of my future…

The path behind me seems to have disappeared

and the road before me

is twisted

I feel I can't traverse it safely.

Give me strength to find the light.

I am grateful for the love of family and friends

Who embrace me

In my despair. Help me to feel your love.

Instill in me the lifeline of our people


Let me grasp onto it with strong hands

Let my grip not loosen.

May I feel the support of those who surround me

This day.

To Your loving hands I commit my spirit—

When asleep and awake.

You are with me; I shall not fear.

Help me, O God, in my time of need.