Hanukkah: Environment: Green Resources

Energy Efficiency Tips


Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life 

Learn more from COEJL, the premier Jewish environmental organization with great resources on global climate change (many of which are geared for Hanukkah).


Learning for Jewish Life, Level 6 Curriculum Core includes a lesson on global climate change. In the G’milut Chasadim section look for lesson three: “Bal Tashchit: Recycling and Conserving Energy.” For more information about the CHAI Curriculum, including how to order it, visit urj.org/chai. 

How Many Jews Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?

There’s a lot that needs to be done to reduce carbon emissions and decrease our detrimental impact on the world around us, which can be a little overwhelming. Monthly greening challenges are meant to make that burden a little easier by shedding light on one small thing you can do this month to make a difference in your home.

View the URJ’s Resolutions on energy and environmental issues, including our 2009 Resolution on Climate Change and Energy, and find CCAR resolutions on climate and energy.

Visit the RAC’s special climate change resource page for more on current legislation and international climate change negotiations.