Hanukkah-Environment: Green Gift Ideas

Green Gift Ideas 

  • Save paper by sending e-cards.
  • Make your own gifts! Design a photo frame, knit a scarf or make a set of beeswax candles for someone to burn in their chanukiyah… There are lots of great books about homemade gifts in your library; check one out today!
  • Give Chanukah gelt in the form of tzedakah to a Jewish or environmental organization of your choice in honor of a friend or relative.
  • Edible gifts are always great for holidays. Bake scookies in Chanukah shapes, cook sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts, a traditional Chanukah treat) or come up with your own creative cooking idea.
  • Get something that’s both useful and reusable: a travel mug, cloth bag, linen napkins, reusable lunchbox, etc.
  • Buy someone an environmental book, subscription to an environmental magazine or a membership to a museum or zoo – a gift they can enjoy all year.
  • Instead of regular gift wrap, use recycled or reusable packaging or a piece of cloth tied with ribbon.