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Gun Violence Prevention Campaign


Gun Violence Prevention: Reflect

We've compiled a list of materials and resources designed for synagogues and communities to spur learning and conversation about gun violence prevention, encourage individuals to learn more about the complex issue of gun violence, and do some personal reflection that is the first step to making our country safer.

Gun Violence Prevention: Relate

Relate resources provide opportunities for context and deeper learning on the issue of gun violence. Explore our resources and programs for congregants and community members of all ages. 

Call Congress: Take action to end gun violence today!
Two high school girls holding gun violence prevention signs at a march

Every single day, guns claim the lives of about 100 Americans. Gun violence is affecting our schools, houses of worship, movie theaters, and neighborhoods. Despite overwhelming public support for reform and a staggering level of violence, we are still waiting for Congress to enact common sense policies like background checks for all gun sales. 

Call your Senators and tell them the time to pass universal background checks is now.

In the face of the unabated, preventable epidemic of gun violence, Congress must act. The vast majority of Americans, including gun owners, support common sense policies like background checks for every gun sale to prevent senseless violence.

The Background Check Expansion Act (H.R.8) and the Bipartisan Background Checks Act (S.42) will expand the federal background check requirement to include the sale or transfer of all firearms by private sellers, including those sales conducted online or at a gun show.

Urge Congress to take immediate action to stop gun violence

As Reform Jews, it is our duty to demand that Congress pass common sense gun legislation and save countless innocent lives. Call on your legislators to take action to end the unacceptably high rates of gun violence in our country. 

Additional resources on gun violence

These resources include text studies, educational materials, and even table-tents to introduce a discussion on policy, moral values around gun violence, or coping with tragedy in your congregations and communities in addition to some of our community partners. 

Wear Orange Day 2020

We wear orange to call attention to the epidemic of gun violence facing our country, and to fight for a future free from gun violence. We invite the Reform Jewish community to join us in wearing orange in support of the gun violence prevention movement. Typically we would be making plans for rallies and gatherings to honor and remember victims of gun violence, and demand that our elected officials take action. This year, our organizing is virtual, but no less important. 

NFTY and the Reform Movement are outraged by the ongoing lack of action addressing this epidemic. Stand united with NFTY as we fight for gun violence prevention!

Contact Our Legislative Policy Team

For more information on this issue, contact Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Katie Wysong at (202) 387-2800