Environmentalism in Israel

There are many organizations in Israel dedicated to tackling the environmental challenges of the region. Learn more about the issues they tackle and how you can get involved by visiting their websites.

Reform Movement Partners:

ARZA: Connecting Reform Jews and Israel

Kibbutz Lotan 
Kibbutz Lotan is a dynamic, Reform community in Israel’s Arava Desert. Committed to environmental protection and sustainable living, Kibbutz Lotan is a living example of a synthesis between Reform Judaism and eco-Zionism. It has become a study destination for all ages through its Center for Creative Ecology, a unique and engaging destination for tourists and an environmental resource center. Lotan’s Green Apprenticeship Eco-Design Program is a six week adult education experience which combines ecological design, green building, sustainable agriculture and community organization using the world-view and ethics of Permaculture, Ecovillage Design and Liberal Judaism. The Peace, Justice and the Environment college semester hosted at Lotan explores the connections between new forms of ecological identity and stewardship, social justice and community in Israel, providing undergraduate credits widely transferable to colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

Additional Organizations:

American Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (ASPNI) 
Supports the work of SPNI, one of the oldest and largest environmental groups in Israel.

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies (AIES) 
AIES offers an environmental studies program in the Middle East with participants coming from Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and a variety of other nations including the U.S., Canada, Sweden, China and Australia.

Bustan: Sustainable Community Action for Land and People 
Works in the Bedouin and Jewish communities of the Negev to insure fair resource allocation on environmental and social justice issues.

Friends of the Earth Middle East/EcoPeace 
A consortium of Egyptian, Jordanian, Israeli and Palestinian environmental NGOs that work jointly to promote sustainable development in the Middle East.

Green Course 
Student group aimed at promoting environmental issues inside and outside higher education institutes.

Greenpeace Mediterranean 
Regional Chapter of the global environmental organization, focused on peaceful, non-nuclear energy solutions for the region and the world.

Green Zionist Alliance 
Educates and mobilizes the Diaspora voice for Israel’s environment, to improve environmental practices within the world Zionist movement and it’s constituent agencies.

Guardians of the Environment 
Protecting Israel’s natural surroundings by raising environmental awareness and promoting the preservation and protection of the birds of Israel.

Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership 
Integrates environmental ethics into Jewish and Israeli education through seminars, teacher training, curricula development and research.

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs 
An independent, nonprofit institute for policy research and education serving Israel and the Jewish people. This site provides a list of recent Jewish Environmental Publications.

Jewish Global Environmental Network (JGEN) 
Develops partnerships and collaborative initiatives to build an environmentally sustainable future for Israel.

Jewish National Fund 
Helps Israel and other countries care for the land and protect the earth with cutting edge environmental technologies.

MASHAV-USAID supports modern agricultural technologies, economic ventures and international cooperation toward rural development.

Neot Kedumim 
Nature reserve dedicated to restoring the flora and fauna of biblical Israel.

Supports Fair Trade and community trade between Palestinians, Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews.

Teva Adventure Israel 
An informal Jewish educational organization that combines outdoor, environmental & adventure education with Jewish programming.