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RAC Environment Block


The Reform Movement is committed to protecting the environment. From the pressing global crisis of climate change to advocacy on clean water and food justice, we are heirs to a tradition of stewardship and partnership in the ongoing work of Creation that goes back to Genesis.


Take Action: Protect the Arctic
Porcupine caribou in arctic

With the passage of the recent tax bill, Congress opened up the unique and vulnerable Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling. Contact the Bureau of Land Management and Congress and tell them to protect the ecosystem the Gwich'in people rely on.

Take Action: Protect Car Emissions Standards

Decreasing emissions from cars is a critical component of combatting climate change. Tell the EPA to keep existing car emissions standards that can make real climate progress. 

Other Environmental Issues
Stream with pebbles and trees

Learn more about the environmental issues that the RAC cares about. 

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Contact our Legislative Policy Team

For more information on this issue, contact Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Aaron Torop at (202) 387-2800.