Eight Sites of Chanukah

Visit a different social action website each night of Chanukah. Use these sites as a springboard for volunteer work and charitable giving.

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Temple Beth Or

Everett, WA



  • Embrace Chanukah values including freedom, dedication, faith and light.
  • Encourage participation and awareness in global causes that need assistance.
  • Introduce a Chanukah tradition that doesn’t revolve around toys or shopping.
  • Give back to the community in a large-scale, meaningful way.



Like all festivals, Hanukah has practical rituals that can lead into the goals and values of the holiday including:

  • Freedom, which the Macabee’s won for our people.
  • Dedication to the cause, even when it is difficult or opposed by a majority.
  • Faith, when the world makes it seem so easy to put it aside.
  • Light, a literal and figurative reminder of the miracles of the holiday.

This program encourages education and open discussions to embrace these four Chanukah values.


Preparation: Find eight different websites that relate to issues your community or family want to address. You may also encourage individuals to find their own sites. Here is a list of recommended sites:

Compile this list to share with community, synagogue, friends and family. Each night of Chanukah, encourage your family to sit together and learn about these social justice issues. Discuss the important work being done by these organizations and ways that your family and community can become involved. Continue the advocacy and volunteer efforts throughout the year.

Results: This project provides the community with a great outline for getting families to participate in social justice work together. It can be easily adapted to other congregations and catered to individual interests.