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Donating Hearing Aids So the World May Hear

Recycle used hearing aids by donating them to the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Community Contact Information:
Congregation Ahavath Chesed
Jacksonville, FL
Contact: Rhoda London, Project Coordinator

Foundation Information:
Starkey Hearing Foundation


  • Recycle items frequently thrown away to those unable to afford hearing aids
  • Community Education
  • Modeling (literally) “tikkun olam,” since it is for USA and worldwide

Few people know that used hearing aids can be recycled. This can be a one-time event or an ongoing effort.

Decide on the duration of the project and what synagogue group(s) will be involved. Expand your efforts by contacting local synagogues, Jewish community organizations, churches, service clubs, funeral homes, independent/assisted living facilities, etc. The expense of the PR will vary, depending on the scope of your effort.

Pick a collection spot for the donations to be delivered/mailed. In some cases, this may be a display box in the lobby or a contact person in your synagogue office. Provide baggies to keep pairs together and paper to put information in the baggies if the contributors would like letters from Starkey for tax purposes.

Project Implementation: 
Advertise your effort through flyers, e-newsletters, post it in your synagogue bulletin and in your local community Jewish newspaper, and ask the rabbi to mention it from the bimah. Ask your partner organizations how to best advertise through their own communities.

This is an educational opportunity as well as a collection. Be sure to spread the word throughout the community for future donors!

This is an easy social action project to do. The Starkey Foundation is a great partner organization. They have an excellent website and are willing to answer any questions you may have. Alongside the donations you collect, this project intends to educate. And because of this, you never know who might get involved with Starkey Foundation down the road.