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Clipping Coupons

Synagogue members cut coupons to donate to agencies that purchase food for the needy.

Community Contact Information:
Temple Sinai
Roslyn Heights, NY


  • Assist local food agencies in purchasing supplies to feed the hungry.
  • Foster awareness of issues of hunger.
  • Engage congregants in an ongoing project.

The social action committee raises awareness of the project through notices in the newsletter and messages from the bimah.

Project Implementation:
Congregants save coupons that they are not using and bring them to the synagogue office for collection. A member of the social action committee is assigned to deliver the coupons to a local agency that purchases food for the needy. Since most coupons have expiration dates, they must be collected every two weeks.

Using coupons, local food agencies are given greater selection of groceries to give their service population. Congregants have the satisfaction of using a few minutes of their time to help feed the hungry.