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As we work together to fulfill the sacred mandate of tikkun olam, world repair, non-partisan civic engagement in service of our enduring values is an essential way that we stay active in our communities.

Use these Candidate Engagement resources to help your community plan its strategy for meaningful, Jewish, nonpartisan civic engagement in 2018


 Featured Resource: Candidate Engagement Toolkit


Candidate Engagement Resources

  • Candidate Engagement Toolkit - Engaging with candidates takes time, planning, and, often, strong partnerships, but can be an effective tool to educate voters, raise the profile of important issues, and build your congregation’s power.

  • Candidate Engagement Training Webinar - Watch the training on best practices around candidate engagement including tips for planning your own event or joining with local partners to host an event with candidates running for elected office. We will cover key pieces including turnout, soliciting commitments from candidates on social justice issues, and follow-up.

  • Sample Questions for Candidate Forums - Sample questions for local, state, and federal candidates on social justice issues including climate change and the environment, criminal justice reform, economic justice, gun violence prevention, health care, immigration, Israel, LGBTQ rights, refugees, reproductive rights, and transgender rights.

Resources for the shabbat preceding the election


General Resources

  • Planning Your Community's Civic Engagement Work - Having a clear plan for your community’s civic engagement efforts can help ensure your efforts are successful. Use this resource as a guide to start your work off on the right track.

  • Rules for 501(c)3 Nonprofit Civic Engagement - Learn more about how to conduct voter and candidate engagement work in a nonpartisan way so it does not constitute prohibited activities and will not jeopardize your 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. 

  • Civic Engagement Jewish Text Studies - Use the following texts, commentaries, and discussion questions to help root your Reform Jewish community’s civic engagement efforts in Jewish values and teachings. 

Communications and Publicity Resources


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