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Brit Olam Reproductive Health & Rights Cohort: Educational Programming


Educational Programming

  • Partner with a local reproductive justice organization and educate your community on the differences between reproductive health, rights, and justice. 
  • Host an interfaith panel on reproductive rights. In a time when religious liberty is often pitted against reproductive rights, it is vital that we remain committed to both. Fortunately, there are many faith groups to partner with that support reproductive rights and believe in women’s moral authority to make such decisions autonomously. The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and the Religious Institute are great resources for interfaith dialogue on reproductive justice.
  • Host a Judaism and Reproductive Justice event and learn what the Torah and Talmud say about reproductive rights.
  • Work with the clergy of your congregation to speak about reproductive justice from the bimah. Speaking about abortion and other reproductive rights from the bimah will reduce the stigma and shame that has surrounded these conversations for so long.
  • Create a space for open conversations about abortion. Many of us may believe we don’t know anyone who has had an abortion, but statistics show that 1 in 4 women have had an abortion. Provide a safe space to share stories.
  • Utilize the NCJW Reproductive Justice is… discussion guide as a resource for your conversations.