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Brit Olam - Covenant With Our World


Brit Olam translates to ‘covenant with our world.’
The Brit Olam reminds us of the words from Pirkei Avot:

“Study alone is not enough, our tradition demands action.” 

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Two years ago, we introduced the Brit Olam, our covenant to create a world in which all people experience wholeness, justice, and compassion. Since then, the urgency of our work has only grown.

After months of listening to the concerns and stories of members of Reform communities throughout North America, we are renewing our Brit Olam, our covenant with the world, to support congregations working together, learning from one another, and effecting change on the local, state, provincial, and federal levels.

We know each community is unique. This is why the Brit Olam work encompasses multiple ways to join a network of congregations working together toward a common goal. Your group may choose to join a RAC state project (a network of communities working to make change in their state), an issue-based cohort (a network of communities working to make change on an issue of shared significance), or both. In this way, each individual action can amplify and increase the impact of all others.

We are doing things together.


Join us by taking a few simple steps:

  1. Learn more about and urge your congregation to sign the Brit Olam
  2. Click on any of the boxes below to learn more and access resources related to each cohort
  3. Join an issue-based cohort or state project and begin to impact your own community and the world around you


 Brit Olam Cohorts

Our long history of supporting just and compassionate immigration policies, asylum seekers, and refugee re-settlement is part of the moral obligation many feel to help immigrants today.
•	A multifaceted issue that connects to racial justice, mental health advocacy and health care, gun violence is an issue of intergenerational justice and is particularly motivating for young people.
Environmental and climate justice is complex, impacting racial justice, economic inequality, food insecurity, and more, presenting opportunities for impactful action in local communities and through collective policy change at every level of government.
In a society wrought with systemic discrimination, our multiracial Movement commits to dismantling racist policies and practices within our congregations and greater institutions of power.
As attacks on access to reproductive health increase, Reform communities are mobilizing to protect these rights. This cohort will be run in partnership with Women of Reform Judaism.
Additional cohorts may be added where there is significant congregational or communal interest.

Do you have questions about the Brit Olam strategy?


Is your community ready to sign onto the Brit Olam? 
Print out and sign the Brit Olam, and send it along with a high-resolution file of your congregation or community’s logo through this Brit Olam Submission Form.


Get Involved with a RAC State Project

Learn more about the network of Reform communities working together to make lasting, meaningful change in your state.

Frequently Asked Questions
Hand writing FAQ on piece of paper

Refer to our frequently asked questions page for additional information.

Brit Olam FAQs

Brit Olam Text Studies
Torrah and Kippah

Use our text studies to root conversations about the Brit Olam with your congregational or communal leadership in Jewish values and teachings.

8-10 minute text study
20-30 minute text study

Resources for When your Community Approves the Brit Olam
Is your community ready to sign onto the Brit Olam? Submit it along with your congregation or community's logo using our online form and join our group in the Tent!
Step-by-Step Instruction Guide
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Review this instruction guide on how you can bring the Brit Olam to your community.

Brit Olam Step-by-Step Instruction Guide

Brit Olam Communities

Click here to see a list of communities signed onto the Brit Olam!

Brit Olam Congregations