A Season of Reflection – And Action

September 23, 2022Barbara Weinstein

As we enter the Days of Awe, we engage in reflection and introspection. We confess our sins. We ask forgiveness of those we have wronged. And we pray that when the Book of Life is closed, we are inscribed for a good year.

The liturgy throughout these High Holidays reminds us repeatedly that we have agency and the power to shape our fate. Despite our transgressions that harm ourselves and others, we can repair what is broken. Through teshuvah, tefilah, and tzedakah - repentance, prayer, and acts of lovingkindness - we can shape the decree of God, the most powerful judge of all.

How much greater then is our power to change the fate that recent rulings from Supreme Court Justices would impose upon us? How much greater is our ability to overcome the decree that the Dobbs decision overturning Roe is creating by allowing states to restrict abortion access? Or the Court's decision in NY State Rifle & Pistol Association that further eased access to guns? Or the Justices' effort to diminish the wall separating church and state through the Kennedy v Bremerton school prayer case?

These Supreme Court decisions and others challenge us to renew and redouble our commitment to building a more just world. A world in which every woman and every individual can decide their reproductive future. A world in which no community and no family knows the horror of a mass shooting or the daily misery of gun violence. A world in which no student feels pressure to offer a prayer that doesn't reflect their faith tradition - and feels safe in their choice not to pray at all.

The way we build that world is through action.

Abortion and reproductive rights have long been central to the RAC's advocacy and mobilizing. Joining with Women of Reform Judaism, we have a wealth of resources to support you as you protect access to abortion in your state and nationally. And remember, at this moment, future abortion rights are not guaranteed, no matter where you live: just last week, Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC) introduced a national abortion ban in the Senate.

Action also means strengthening our democracy overall, protecting access to the ballot, and expanding voter participation. If you're not already involved in the Reform Movement's nonpartisan Every Voice, Every Vote campaign, now is the time to join. We have already seen the difference we can make when we helped protect abortion rights in Kansas through outreach to KS voters just a few weeks ago.

Together, our action transforms our world. May the year ahead be a sweet one for all people, filled with health, happiness, and justice. Shanah tovah.

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