Have We Forgotten the Call of the Shofar Already? 

September 30, 2020Rabbi Paul Kipnes

Have we forgotten the call of the shofarshofarשׁוֹפָרRam’s horn most commonly blown throughout the month of Elul and during the High Holiday season. already
To gather and stand up for what’s right?
Have we forgotten what shofar’s demanding
That we pursue justice, compassion, holy light?

Have we forgotten the blast of tekiah so quickly?
Have we already lost our apprehension?
Will we ignore the three blasts of shevarim so soon?
Why has it failed to hold our attention?

Teruah’s the sound of a shattering
A dangerous breaking of norms
It calls out the evil right there before us
Defying evil's exalted platforms

Tekiah gedolah, the continuing blast,
Extending to goad us to hear
‘Bout the dangers to liberty, life, and holiness
That exist and won’t easily disappear

So wake up from your slumber, rise up from your sleep
Stop waiting for others to act
Find your voice, use your money, and get your hands in the game
‘Cause it’s past time to step up and react.

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