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Democracy Is a Promise We Renew Every Day

Barbara Weinstein
January 8, 2021
Democracy is, indeed, a promise we renew not just on election day, but every day. Democracy does not exist independent of our contributions to it. Citizens and immigrants, voters, and presidents – all of us build democracy.

Join us for Jewish Teen Activism During COVID-19

Shira Zemel
April 29, 2020
The world has changed significantly since the RAC concluded our 2019-2020 L’Taken Social Justice Seminar season in early March. After 2,000 high school students came to Washington D.C. and successfully lobbied their members of Congress, the RAC staff tallied up the results of the teens’ efforts.

Loving Israel and Lobbying for Peace

Anya Byrne
March 29, 2019
Although Israel is a small country thousands of miles away from us, I believe that the U.S. has an important role to play in facilitating peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. The U.S. has historically fostered a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with Israel, now providing $3.8 billion per year in Foreign Military Financing,

Reflections from the 2019 Burstein Fellows

March 29, 2019

Inspired by Rabbi Marcus Burstein's commitment to Torah, social justice and developing a new generation of Jewish leaders, the Rabbi Marcus Burstein Fellowship strengthens the group of college students and young professionals helping lead the L'Taken Social

Watching Adulthood Emerge on Capitol Hill

Rabbi Paul Kipnes and Rabbi Julia Weisz
February 1, 2018

L’Taken is more than a kid-friendly version of real-life citizen engagement. L’Taken is the next step in the adultification of our youth.

Invited into the halls of Congress to urge their elected leaders to effectuate Jewish values, these soon-to-be voters take personal responsibility for their future. They choose issues they are most passionate about and research them with seriousness. (Our delegation focused on healthcare, LGBTQ rights, immigration, reproductive rights, and campaign finance, and issues related to Israel.) They reviewed briefing papers and studied relevant Jewish texts. They debated potential positions on pending legislation.