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Woman giving a speech in front of a crowd

Joy Friedman made the following remarks at a rally to support bail reform in New York. 

I am Joy Friedman, the Director of Organizing for the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. I am a New Yorker and a Reform Jew myself.  

Reform Jews across the state of New York joined the effort to enact bail reform, firm in our belief that doing so fulfills the mandate of Pirke Avot, Sayings of the Sages, that reminds us that justice itself must be pursued through just means. Every day in 2018, over 16000 people were sitting in New York’s jails in pre-trial detention because they...

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Head shot of man

On January 20, 2020, Mark Epstein, organizer of the Gaston County Better Angels Program, will be the recipient of the Martin Luther King Jr. Unity Award where his name will be etched into the base of the Martin Luther King Jr. statue in North Carolina. We asked Mark about his involvement with the Gaston Interfaith Trialogue, his insipriation for creating the Gaston County Better Angels Program, and how his Reform Jewish faith impacts his important work.

  1. What is the Gaston Interfaith Trialogue (GIT) and how are you involved in it?

This effort began in the tense...

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Religious Action Center banner outside Homestead Detention Center in Florida

Throughout 2019, the Religious Action Center worked across North America, and at the state level in the United States, to advance principles of justice, wholeness, and compassion. At a time when our biblically-inspired values to love the ger, or immigrant, to uphold kavod ha’briyot, respect for individual dignity, to till and tend the earth as did Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and more are under threat, we worked with Reform Jews across North America to build power and create the change we want in the world.

The renewal of our Brit Olam, covenant with our world, at the 2019...

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Martin Luther King Jr. and Kivie Kaplan

Civil rights are in the RAC’s DNA. It was amidst the tumult of the Civil Rights Movement that Kivie Kaplan, vice-chair of the Reform Movement and national president of the NAACP, created the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. Rabbi Maurice Eisendrath supported Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during Freedom Summer, leading the Reform Movement to stand in solidarity with this effort.  ...

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Woman marching with a gun violence prevention sign

Thirty-six thousand three hundred eighty-three.

That’s the number of people who die each year from gun violence. That’s 36,383 mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and good, innocent human beings, each with a bright, promising future that was suddenly, horrifically stolen from them. 36,383. That means that in 2019, gun violence killed an average of 100 people every day. That means that each day, 21 children under the age of 18 - young, innocent kids - are shot by guns. 36,383. And that number only encompasses one year.


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