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STUDENTS: 6 ways to pay for the Consultation on Conscience

STUDENTS: 6 ways to pay for the Consultation on Conscience

Consultation on Conscience written in white on blue with date May 19-21, 2019

High school social justice leaders are invited to attend the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism’s biennial social justice leadership conference, the Consultation on Conscience. Held over three days in Washington D.C., the Consultation on Conscience is dedicated to training and empowering Jewish leaders like you to make real, lasting change at the national, state, provincial, and local levels.  

There are lots of ways to cover the cost of attending Consultation – and you have months to earn the money to be a part of THE event to build meaningful connections with other students committed to justice, learn and expand the skills you need to advocate for social change, deepen your knowledge on the critical issues facing our community, and lobby Congress together as a powerful collective force for change.  

Here are a few tips and links for raising the money to get yourself there: 

  1. If possible, register by November 23, 2018 to get the best price (pay only 50% of the regular registration rate). Registration will be open until May 1, 2019 if you need more time to earn that paper, but spots fill up fast, so get to work now! 

  2. If you belong to a synagogue, ask your advisor, rabbi, cantor, or educator if there are scholarships or discretionary funds available that you can request or apply for as a leader in the community. Most people will come as part of a delegation with their congregation, so act now and be the first to request financial support. You could also have them put an ask out for a sponsor who will donate flight miles to help cover the cost of a plane ticket if you are traveling from farther away.  

  3. Consider staying with a family member who is also attending. That saves you money on hotel costs that you can put toward registration and travel.  

  4. One of our high school leaders put together a Fundraising Bank where you can find suggestions for ways to raise money. Get to work now, and you’ll have the money earned in the next few months! 

  5. Save money you would normally spend. How much money would you save if you skipped one Starbucks coffee a week? If you took a weekly babysitting job? If you put 10% of your paycheck away every month? Small steps add up fast, and saving a little now will be worth it when you get to DC in May!

  6. Apply for a scholarship from your NFTY region, which will be offering a limited number of need-based scholarships. Please be in touch with your NFTY regional staff member for a link to the scholarship application.


Logan Zinman Gerber is the national teen campaign organizer at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, working with high school and college students on the Reform Jewish Movement's gun violence prevention strategy and civic engagement. An alumna of the University of Wisconsin and the University of Chicago, Logan started her career working for Ceasefire, The Joyce Foundation, and Chicago Public Schools, and spent the last seven years working as NFTY's Chicago director. She is humbled to get to wake up every day and support our youth leaders in their pursuit of justice.

Logan Zinman Gerber

Published: 10/18/2018