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Cover of the USCIRF report

Seven months after being acquitted of blasphemy charges by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian, finally joined her family in Canada on May 7, 2019. Bibi was initially convicted and sentenced to death nearly a decade ago, and her case sparked worldwide outrage over blasphemy laws, which criminalize “the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence...

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Rabbi Esther Lederman speaking on stage

  In the Book of Jeremiah we read: “A cry is heard in Ramah — Wailing, bitter weeping. Rachel weeping for her children. She refuses to be comforted for her children, for they are no longer.”

God – I pray that we can love the child of the widow, of the orphan, of the stranger more than we love our walls.

These United States of America were supposed to have been built on an idea of freedom, and an attitude of abundance. We’ve become small and afraid, seeing scarcity everywhere we turn. But love is an abundant resource. Justice is an abundant resource. Love never runs out....

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Rabbi Jonah Pesner addresses a crowd

  The Book of Numbers tells us that God told the Children of Israel to “take a census of the whole community, every family according to its ancestral household, listing every single name…”

All the families. Every single name. Each one with a unique story.

We know the power of the census. It says we count. We have a name and a story. We are part of the community and we are seen. We exist.

And we matter.

But this administration has approved the addition of an untested, dangerous question about citizenship on the 2020 Census, a question that will drive down...

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The Religious Action Center contingent marches in the 2018 Capital Pride Parade with banner

Every June, Pride Month offers us an opportunity to celebrate LGBTQ equality and recommit to fighting for full inclusion for everyone in the LGBTQ community. Pride Month began in the 1970s to commemorate the Stonewall uprising in June 1969,  a major turning point in the LGBTQ rights movement. Because this year is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, Pride Month 2019 has added significance.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to find four ways you can take action this Pride Month

Since the passage of...

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Person holding a sign saying "Reform Jews will not stand idly by"

June is Gun Violence Awareness Month, a time for heightened attention to confronting the plague of gun violence that ravages our streets, schools, and houses of worship. The coming weeks will be filled with opportunities for gun sense activists to come together and fight for a future free from gun violence -- and Reform Jews are poised for action.

Fifteen months ago, the Reform Movement launched our youth-led, largely youth-focused gun violence prevention campaign. Based on our growth and success, we are excited to now open  this campaign to the Movement as a...

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