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Voting rights

As the Voting Rights Act turns 54 this year, we lament the sixth anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Shelby County v. Holder decision. As we look ahead to the 2020 general election next year, we must continue the fight for our fundamental right and embrace our civic duty to vote. Let us reaffirm the values baked in this crucial legislation, which was drafted in the Religious Action Center’s very own library in 1965.

The Voting Rights Act helped block laws that deny citizens the equal right to vote based on race and enacted federal voting protections, especially in states with a...

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Brit Olam

All good lessons bear repeating. We renew the cycle of reading Torah every Simchat Torah. We renew our covenant at Sinai every Shavuot. We renew our collective Jewish narrative of leaving Egypt every Pesach.

The Religious Action Center launched the Brit Olam in 2017. This “covenant with our world” was a renewal of our commitment to the most vulnerable in our communities. It was anchored in our Jewish values and stories beginning with Abraham, chosen by God “to do what is just and right” (Genesis 18:19).

In just two years, the clergy and lay leaders of over 200 congregations...

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Family at the border

Earlier this month, the Union for Reform Judaism joined over 200 organizations in calling on Congress to curtail funding for immigration detention and enforcement, and to enact standards to improve treatment of people in immigration detention. The letter demanded action not in the form of sweeping legislation or impassioned pleas on the Senate floor, but through the appropriations process.

The Congressional appropriations process doesn’t sound exciting. However, it may be the most powerful tool that the RAC and our coalitional partners have in the fight for immigrant justice....

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Jonah Bookman

I chose to spend the last day of summer before 7th grade participating in RAC’s 2019 Sacramento Lobby Day. This was a very special experience for me. It was so incredible to be able to go and participate with my congregation, Or Ami, of Calabasas. I have always hated thinking about people who go to bed at night with no safe place to sleep and no food. Even though it’s hard to imagine, I can think about how horrible it would be if it were me and my family. I witnessed a lot of homelessness in San Francisco when I went with my grandpa a few years ago and I’ve wanted to do something about it...

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Going up to NFTY’s North American President and asking her to take our resolution off the agenda for Asefah (NFTY’s business meeting) just hours before the meeting began was the last thing we expected to do, but it is what we did. For nearly a month, the three of us spent hours crafting the resolution that would set NFTY’s stance on climate change. This was an important first step towards making NFTY more sustainable and more environmentally conscious, but up until that point, we failed to see that there was an incredible number of people who shared the same concern for our planet and our...

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