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Martin Luther King Jr. and Kivie Kaplan

Civil rights are in the RAC’s DNA. It was amidst the tumult of the Civil Rights Movement that Kivie Kaplan, vice-chair of the Reform Movement and national president of the NAACP, created the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. Rabbi Maurice Eisendrath supported Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during Freedom Summer, leading the Reform Movement to stand in solidarity with this effort.  ...

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Woman marching with a gun violence prevention sign

Thirty-six thousand three hundred eighty-three.

That’s the number of people who die each year from gun violence. That’s 36,383 mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and good, innocent human beings, each with a bright, promising future that was suddenly, horrifically stolen from them. 36,383. That means that in 2019, gun violence killed an average of 100 people every day. That means that each day, 21 children under the age of 18 - young, innocent kids - are shot by guns. 36,383. And that number only encompasses one year.


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Woman with sign that says "Women's Rights are Human Rights"


Join the RAC and Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) on Wednesday, March 4 as we join our allies for a rally in front of the Supreme Court and at Lafayette Square Park (New Orleans). Let us know if you will be joining us by signing up here.

Growing up in Texas, the summer of 2013 was a monumental time to be inspired by the power of women’s voices. A high school student at the time, I remember eagerly following along that June as State Senator Wendy Davis stood firm in her iconic pink running shoes as...

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Capitol Building

Congress’s last week in session in 2019 was dramatic, tense, and consequential for millions of people in America and around the world. Although the headlines on December 18 and the days following focused on the House of Representatives’ vote to impeach President Trump, Congress succeeded in averting a government shutdown and passed a military spending bill, which the president...

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People sitting at URJ Central at Biennial

At the Union for Reform Judaism's Biennial in Chicago last week, the Reform Movement voted to approve a resolution supporting the study of proposals for U.S. slavery reparations. The resolution is part of the Religious Action Center and Movement's work for racial justice and comes after years of study and consultation.

As our director Rabbi Jonah Pesner...

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