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Kutz Camp Staff with pledge to vote postcards

It’s one thing to be standing in front of a room when you know more than everyone else; it’s entirely different to be educating a group of people who know as much, if not more, than you do. It is scary, your heart is racing, and you feel like you could never possibly be equipped to handle whatever you’ve been tasked with.

But the room is filled with energy and passion, and people know as much as you do because they care as much as you do. And so they ask questions and answer questions. They help each other talk things through and figure things out. In this room, I can be okay with...

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As passengers abandoned airplane mode, buzzes from CNN or New York Times lit up their phones; updating them of what had or hadn’t transpired domestically and abroad in the nearly five-hour flight between Arizona and DC.

I opened my phone to two Snapchats, a text from my mom, and a like on Instagram. 

I knew that I was in trouble when I sat down with my internship supervisor, Erin, on the first day and she asked me--probably rhetorically-- “So you’re the public policy intern?” and I responded, completely seriously with; “Well, I’m actually the social justice intern.” We both...

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As the entire Reform Movement grapples with the horrendous news reports of families forcibly separated at the US border, we have been heartened by the commitment of our congregations along the US-Mexico border, particularly Temple Emanuel in McAllen, TX. After the RAC put out a Movement-wide call for donations, Temple Emanuel's social action committee received over $12,000, as well as truckloads of diapers, personal hygiene items, toys, blankets, and other necessities, all of which has been donated to the...

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Photo from the US-Mexico border in Laredo, TX

In this week’s parasha, Matot-Masei, we learn that Moses kept a journal of the goings forth of the Israelites as they became migrants, after crossing the Egyptian border and then traveling through the wilderness of Sinai. “These are the journeys…. Moses wrote down their goings forth....”  (Num. 33:1-2). This week, hearing echoes of the Jewish experience of border crossings from the Exodus until today, we became witnesses of immigrant journeys in a wilderness of our own country’s making. We went to the US-Mexico...

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This post originally appeared on National Council of Churches' blog and has been republished here with the author's permission.

An enthusiastic little boy played with blocks and toy cars, laughing with a full-throttled giggle, the kind of laugh that is contagious. He was four years old and had made a long, arduous journey from Honduras.  

This child, along with many others, was the first I noticed as I entered the Humanitarian Respite Center, a Catholic Charities-run facility in McAllen, Texas, led by...

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