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Person holding a sign saying "Reform Jews will not stand idly by"

June is Gun Violence Awareness Month, a time for heightened attention to confronting the plague of gun violence that ravages our streets, schools, and houses of worship. The coming weeks will be filled with opportunities for gun sense activists to come together and fight for a future free from gun violence -- and Reform Jews are poised for action.

Fifteen months ago, the Reform Movement launched our youth-led, largely youth-focused gun violence prevention campaign. Based on our growth and success, we are excited to now open  this campaign to the Movement as a...

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Shows a video still from a local news story about the yearbook, viewer sees back of two students heads with "yearbook of the fallen" displayed on a computer screen

As their confirmation class project, the 10th graders at Temple Emanuel in Kensington, MD created a “yearbook of the fallen” to commemorate the high school victims of gun violence killed in 2018. The confirmation class sent the book to all 535 members of Congress and traveled to Washington to speak to representatives about it. Callie Newberg and Miriam Saletan reflect on their experience below.

We chose to address gun violence at our synagogue, an explicitly Jewish space, because of our Jewish value to “not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor (Leviticus 19:...

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As Jews, the recent surge in xenophobic policies and anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States raises alarm because we remember what it’s like to be refugees unwelcome on America’s shores. In 1939, the MS St. Louis departed Europe with 937 mostly German Jews fleeing Nazi persecution. Eighty years ago today, the ship was forced to leave Florida and return to Europe after the Roosevelt administration rejected the refugees on board from receiving safe harbor in the United States.

One of us has a direct connection to the MS St. Louis. During her senior year of...

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Members of the Texas Religious Action Center march at the capitol during Austin Lobby Days earlier this year.

The Reform Jewish Movement has a long history of advocating for strong public schools. This helps make the passage of Texas House Bill 3 -- which provides more funding for our schools -- such an exciting victory for the Texas Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. It was a grueling five-month legislative session in Austin, but we know the passage of this comprehensive school finance reform bill will bring better quality and more equal education to all 5.4 million public school students in Texas. The measure’s passage also marks a clear victory for RAC-TX on our first area of...

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A line of high school students hold signs supporting the DREAM Act during the 2018 L'Taken seminar in Washington, D.C.

As nearly 700 Reform Jews prepared to visit Capitol Hill during the 2019 Consultation on Conscience, U.S. House leadership was working to advance legislation providing permanent protection from deportation for DREAMers, undocumented immigrant youth, and for holders of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure — programs that offer legal status to immigrants on a humanitarian basis. The situation was changing rapidly and we want to provide an update on where the legislation stands now.

In March 2019, the...

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