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As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates, many of us are grappling with a newfound vulnerability. It is natural to worry about our families and communities as we confront a major crisis and the question of how a community ought to respond to serious danger comes up throughout our sacred texts.

Last week, we celebrated Purim, the quintessential tale of Jewish defense. Our people have often been a fragile minority and it would be tempting for the Purim narrative to reign supreme: “They tried to kill us, we won, let’s celebrate...

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U.S. Capitol Building

With more than 1,200 people testing positive for COVID-19 (coronavirus) in...

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definition of discrimination

In mid-January, the Trump administration expanded its attack on social services and educational institutions under the guise of religious freedom with the proposal of several new draft policies (known as proposed rules) that would allow government-funded social service providers and universities to discriminate against beneficiaries and employees on the basis of religion. These draft policies were published by eight agencies: The Departments of Agriculture, Education, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Justice, Labor, and Veterans Affairs, and the United States Agency for...

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Sign that says "Reform Jews Fight for Reproductive Rights"

Rabbi Eliana Fischel, a rabbi at Washington Hebrew Congregation in Washington D.C., made the follow statements before the June Medical vs. Russo rally in front of the Supreme Court on Wednesday, March 4. 

Our tradition is no stranger to creative controls on female bodies. In just a few days, we will dress ourselves in masks and costumes, perhaps imbibe a bit, all to honor the festive and ridiculous holiday of Purim. But Purim is not only about drunken revelry. Purim is about power, oppression and yes, even, specifically, about needed bodily autonomy.

Early in the story,...

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People waiting in line to vote

We are living in an urgent time. As the plague of gun violence persists, immigrants are under attack, and climate change destroys our planet, the Reform movement’s work of bringing justice, unity, and compassion to the world becomes more necessary. To repair the brokenness of our world, we must bring our Reform Jewish values into the public sphere by participating in the democratic process and voting in 2020. And as always, young voters will lead the way.

The Religious Action Center (RAC)’s College Civic Engagement Campaign Network will support, train, and mobilize Reform Jewish...

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